Winery Gracin except Babić produces a unique product called Opol. Opol is another contribution to the preservation of their tradition and the affirmation of the Dalmatian terroir. It is rose with slightly different character than the classic one of which is expected good acidity and compensating sweetness. Opol is characterized as aromatic, soft and smooth wine in which acidity is not so expressed, nor are sugars, because there is no sweetness, but once again the aromas are fruity and very attractive. Opol is not a dessert wine, like its sweet brothers by color, but wine that accompanies a normal meal in a wide range of seasoned fish from „škrovada" (baking tin) to such as veal roasted under a baking tin bell. In food sequence it definitely takes place before the powerful Gracins Babić. Opol is made from Babić, Syrah and Grenache varieties. This is a group that correctly refers to the similarity with Provence rose which in the whole Rose family is the most similar to traditional Dalmatian opol. Opol is equally attractive as Bandol, per example, just a bit more powerful and relaxed.