Babić is a grape variety fairly appreciated within wine lovers. At the first mention of Babić most wine lovers point out the image of Stone Primošten "lace" (Bucavac position), so often seen in various commercials and advertising tourist spots. This image actually beautifully depicts what conditions Babić needs to produce quality wine. Fertile ground such as Ravni Kotari, Kaštela fields or fields from the Dalmatian Zagora is not particularly successful in breeding this variety. Similar as Plavac mali, Babić needs poor soil, sun exposure and low yields, but has one feature that makes it potentially more successful than its famous relative. Babić, despite the summer heat and the hot rocks beneath it, has successfully kept the ideal ratio of acids, which ultimately gives to wine more harmonious tone and somewhat more animated character.

Average Babić is not particularly attractive at first impression because of medium or low expressed aroma, which, when they are primary, prevail mostly herbal and blackberry notes. However, when the grapes are well ripened, share of the fruity aromas is rapidly growing, and when maturing wines is made in new oak barrels, aromas become complex and very enjoyable. It is a characteristic or some other great varieties such as Syrah. Babić should not be produced as simple wine. Its elevated acids fit fantastically with a high alcohol and ripe tannins, and body becomes full and very powerful, but a so smooth and delicious. Lower alcohol value would cause the thinner body, acids would jumped out, the wine would be, indeed, refreshing in character, but out of balance and empty. Especially good is his maturation in oak (barrique) barrels. Because his primary aromas are not flowery, the maturation in wood on the issue of aromas had nothing to lose, and has very much the positive influence of oak and barrique on any too expressed tannins, and further emphasizes the fullness and with malolactic fermentation which dulls acids, finally completes the extreme values which this wine naturally possesses.